Frequently asked questions

What kind of company is Adpayy?

Adpayy is a trademark of “Adpay Communications Ltd”, an online, real time advertising, research and consumer advocacy medium.

Is Adpayy specific to Nigeria?

Like any online Company, Adpayy is global in scope and Intent.

What Makes Adpayy different from other online ads Company?

Adpayy rides on a unique proposition with users and clients and does not engage in unsolicited ads.

What kind of phone is required for a successful operation of Adpayy services?

Any Smartphone with Android Operating System.

How can I down load the Adpayy mobile app?

Go to the Google Play store
How Many calls do I need to receive on a campaign to earn?
You need just a single call to earn on a particular Campaign. However, you cannot earn more than once on the same campaign unless as defined by the advertiser.

What percentage do I earn if I receive an ad on a campaign?

You get 40 – 50% of the per-unit billing depending on your interaction with the ad.

What do I earn if I introduce a client and a campaign is consummated?

You get 15% of the gross campaign value subject to WHT (With Holding Tax)

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem point by converting to mobile airtime, paying utility bills, online purchases etc.

How often can I redeem my points?

As often as you wish insofar as your point is equal or more 
than 1,500 points

Do I use my regular Card (Debit/credit) to transact with 


Yes! Insofar as you have the Interswitch Quick Teller 
Compliant cards.

How do I create an ad?

Log on to Adpayy advertisers’ page on the website and fill the form. You can also upload your ads directly without admin assistance. However, your ad will pass through screening and approval before being aired.
How do I know that my ad has been approved?
You will receive a notification of the status of your ad. After payment your campaign will commence.

Is Adpayy Regulated?

The operations of the online ads industry is budding 
especially in Nigeria, operators of Adpayy are registered members of APCON (Advertisers Practitioners Council of Nigeria) and the company is at advance stage of obtaining its license with the body.


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