Built for brand advertisers and mobile users.


As a brand you can reach all your customers and potentialsanywhere in seconds at a moderate cost via ads in any format (video, Gif, Jpg, Png)


Users earn points convertible to the local currency when ads received on their phone are viewed or interacted with.


Using various options (airtime, on-line bills, flight booking cost etc.) available to redeem points earned.


Around the clock customer services experience using our dedicated support team.


Connect with friends on social media and express yourself on products, services on offer, home or abroad.


You can express your feelings about a product (s), service (s) and let you friends know about it. Companies can feel the pulse of their customers.

How does it work

It’s a win-win for Advertisers and Users, we bring impeccable customer service at your doorstep.

  • Advertisers post ads
  • Users get ads on call (s) received
  • Users get points for viewing ads
  • Points can be redeemed via multiple on-line options
  • Suit of on-line options

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